Insurance is a tool in your toolbelt on your financial path is your resource for insurance. Most people have insurance and do not know much about it. We’re here to talk about all things insurance coverage to help you better understand why you have it and what you are paying for.

We believe every person and family is unique. Their insurance coverage should be based on:

  1. Financial situation – salary, amount of assets and type of assets
  2. Risk tolerance – how much financial risk you want to transfer
    While also meeting any requirements from a loss payee or government regulation

The purpose of insurance and what it does

Insurance transfers your financial risk to a third party (the insurance company). There are a lot of different insurance products with the intent to provide financial protection to those that need it. Unfortunately, you can’t just buy one product to protect you in all situations.

InsuranceRisk Management
Health InsurancePays medical bills
Property & Casualty InsuranceProtects your stuff and your wallet from a liability
Life InsuranceProvides financial benefit if you pass away
Disability InsuranceReplaces a portion of our income from a disability
Long-Term Care InsurancePays when you need help to complete certain daily activities
And lots of other insurance products not listed above. is here to talk about insurance coverage. Send your questions or comments to We’re happy to help.