While you’re home…here are a few insurance steps to check off your list

My wife had an interesting observation this week. She said, “most of the time life is hectic with lots going on and all I want is for things to slow down. Well, I got what I asked for. Our calendar is wide open for the foreseeable future.” If you are someone that has been staying home and have been passing the time on Facebook or attempting to teach your children, here is one thing you can do at home to be productive and improve your family’s protection-

Take a video of everything in your home. Go through all the rooms, open all the drawers and cupboards, go in the basement, and around the outside of the house. Make sure you capture everything. For more expensive items such as jewelry, musical instruments, sports equipment, electronics, be sure to capture the brand, make and model in the video. Save the video to the cloud, put it on a USB drive and give it to a loved one, or put it in your safety deposit box.

If anything ever does happen to your home, you will thank yourself. You can send the video to your insurance company and they will use it to help determine how much money you should receive. This should save you a substantial amount of time when filing a claim and you can spend more time focused on recovering.

In addition, if you’ve made any of the below changes to your home you should reach out to your insurance agent-

These may qualify for a discount and lower your insurance costs:

  • If you have a new home or have had your roof replaced in the past 5-10 years and the contractor used grade 4, hail resistant shingles. Make a copy of the document stating they are grade 4 and send it to your insurance agent to see if you qualify.
  • Installed a water monitoring system. Flo and StreamLabs are 2 popular brands right now.
  • Installed or upgraded your smoke alarms, fire alarms, or security system.
  • Replaced your furnace.
  • If you have completed a home renovation that involved upgrading plumbing, heating or electrical.

Your coverage may need to be updated if you:

  • Did a home renovation like a kitchen or bathroom update.
  • Installed solar panels.
  • Purchased an item worth more than $1,500.
  • Inherited money – not because we want a piece… As your assets increase, so should your insurance coverage. That way if an accident does result in a lawsuit your nest egg is better protected.

Colorado Independent Insurance Agent, Brad Christian

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