Keep Doing the Little Things

We are living in an unprecedented and emotional time.  Given the number of challenges we are all facing during this time, I’m inspired to see the many ways that people are pitching in and helping others adjust – whether that’s parents who are now partially homeschooling their kids, medical staff, first responders, or grocery store staff, it builds hope to see how people are banding together.

Property and casualty insurance companies are also finding ways to help their clients financially.   Each company has their own approach, here are some examples of what most major P&C companies are doing:

  • In March, many insurance carriers announced they would not cancel policies for non-payment and waive late fees.  Some insurance companies are literally not sending invoices for renewals.  Just telling their clients they are covered and we’ll worry about payment at a later date.
  • Endorsements and coverage extensions are being added temporarily for free to business insurance policies.  For example, if you are a restaurant that never provided delivery service before, your insurance most likely did not have commercial auto coverage.  Insurance companies are automatically adding commercial auto coverage to restaurants in case one of their employees has an accident.
  • The announcement this week from most major insurance companies has been by providing refunds/credits for your auto coverage.  Most people are driving less (I drove ~15 miles in the past 28 days) resulting in the insurance companies taking on less risk.  They are passing on that benefit to their clients.  Each company has their own program, but in general, the program will benefit all clients and there is no need to apply.

Go on your insurance company website or call your insurance agent if you have specific questions on how you may benefit from any of these new announcements.

Here is my call to action, please provide an example of a company or small business you would like to recognize for supporting their community and their customers.  If you don’t have an example to share, I encourage you to take action yourself and share it here.

Colorado Independent Insurance Agent, Brad Christian

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