When Wildfires Hit Home

As wildfires spread across Colorado and the country, we wanted to provide information on having coverage in the event a wildfire damages your property. If you’ve discussed insurance with me you know that my goal as an insurance agent is to provide customized guidance on how much insurance each family needs.  For your homeowner’s insurance,Continue reading “When Wildfires Hit Home”

My Experience as an Insurance Agent

I have been a licensed Property and Casualty insurance agent for 6 months now and have partnered with Welch Financial Planning for over 5 months.  It has been a great experience and I am grateful that I pursued this new career path.  It excites me to talk about personal finances, providing a service that getsContinue reading “My Experience as an Insurance Agent”

The Benefits of Umbrella Coverage

I signed up for an umbrella insurance policy when I was in my early 20’s because the financial advisor my wife and I were working with required all of his clients to have one.  At the time, I did not know much about it and luckily I have not had to use it.  However, nowContinue reading “The Benefits of Umbrella Coverage”

Spring Cleaning in Full Force

It seems to me that spring cleaning has taken on a whole new meaning this year. I have a relative that has a goal of cleaning something in their condo every day. And a close friend of mine, who hasn’t done yard work the 6 years I’ve known him, just did 5 hours of yardContinue reading “Spring Cleaning in Full Force”

Keep Doing the Little Things

We are living in an unprecedented and emotional time.  Given the number of challenges we are all facing during this time, I’m inspired to see the many ways that people are pitching in and helping others adjust – whether that’s parents who are now partially homeschooling their kids, medical staff, first responders, or grocery storeContinue reading “Keep Doing the Little Things”

While you’re home…here are a few insurance steps to check off your list

My wife had an interesting observation this week. She said, “most of the time life is hectic with lots going on and all I want is for things to slow down. Well, I got what I asked for. Our calendar is wide open for the foreseeable future.” If you are someone that has been staying home and have beenContinue reading “While you’re home…here are a few insurance steps to check off your list”