Company Comparison

Each insurance company has their own marketing tactics and ways of attracting potential customers. While there is some differentiation and every claim is a unique experience, in general all of the major insurance companies receive similar ratings from customers.

From my perspective, this means that you should shop around to find the company that best fits your needs. The below table lists the top 10 biggest Property & Casualty insurance companies* and there customer ratings from 2 different sources. As an independent agent, I have the ability to quote Progressive, Safeco (Liberty Mutual), Travelers, Chubb, and Nationwide.

The top 10 biggest insurance companies (for Property & Casualty)*

CompanyClearsurance Rating
State Farm4.185
-Liberty Mutual4.083
Clearsurance rating from March 2020 rating –

Other Insurance Companies

Not every person and location is insured by the top 10 companies. If you have an insurance need that needs another carrier, please reach out as we have access to over 25 insurers and can offer an insurance solution for almost every situation.

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